Growth & Gratitude


We often become dissatisfied because we are not where we want to be or we don’t have all that we want, causing us to forget how far we’ve come. The journey to success is a long and crooked one, but taking even a few steps closer to your goal despite any problems you may face is a blessing in itself. Sometimes we get the things that we want so easily that we forget the previous state that we were in before.

If you were to plant apple seeds your end goals would be to get apples. However, the tree needs to obviously grow first which is a long process. Just because you don’t immediately see the apples doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress to your end goal. So many things may need to happen before you are able to see the product of your hard work. Reflecting on how far you have come is so important in keeping you motivated to keep moving forward.

The things we are able to get so easily or that are constantly there are usually the things we show the least appreciation for because we have forgotten its value and what life was without it. Taking what we have for granted may cause us to resent the things we have been blessed with because we want more and better. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with wanting better, but don’t forget the blessings you have been given because of your other goals. Remember that whilst you are wishing for something more, somebody else is wishing for what you have. Stop and thank God, no matter how small it may seem to you. When praying sometimes we often just ask God for things and forget what he has given us, ie. the gift of life. At times we want better so much that we risk all that we have been given to improve our lives. Learn to appreciate what you have, before it turns into what you had. Sometimes the very things we take for granted are the things we should have shown gratitude.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns a meal into a feast. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow”.

Sometimes the best way to love things is to realize that it might get lost or you may no longer have it. Be thankful and use your blessings as a reminder of what it is possible for you to achieve.


Keep Moving Forward

I’ve recently learnt how tough life can be. One minute you appear to be on “the valley to success”, and the next it seems like there’s a thousand obstacles in front of you. I used to often hear the quote “It is not how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”, and it wasn’t until this year that I fully knew the meaning. “Life will beat you to your knees and permanently keep you there if you let it”, but time waits for nobody. No matter what challenges come your way, you just have to take in on the chest and keep moving forward.

“Fall down 7 times, Stand up 8”


Sometimes though, no matter how much or hard we try to do something, it doesn’t work out for us because it’s just not God’s plan and  He will have better in store for us. Allow Him to guide you, because He will never allow us to fall short.

A lot of people have been saying that 2016 will be their year, but just remember that actions speak louder than words. Let your success speak for you. No doubt, you will still face problems this coming year, but what are you going to do to make sure that no matter what comes in your way, you will still make it to where you need to be? Stay motivated. Stay focused. Pray and do not let anyone or anything come in the way of you chasing your dreams. Put 100% into everything you do and I’m sure the rewards will be great.

I wish you all the best in the new year and pray that you are able to surpass all your goals academically, spiritually, physically and financially.

The Value of Patience

Waiting for things to fall into place can often be a long and strenuous process that can bring out emotions we didn’t think we could show, but waiting also reveals our true motives, helps us to develop faith and in the long run helps us to attain what we deserve. An old Chinese proverb says that:

Patience is the Art of Success.

Many fail to realise that patience is also a form of action and the mindset that you have whilst you display this quality shows how much you really want something, as you would be willing to commit yourselves so that you can see it through. We also tend to take more value in things that we have waited for, as we appreciate the beauty in the change that it brings to our lives and as a result we would work harder to sustain it.

Good things come to those who wait. When we are impatient, it often causes us to become very irritable and make wrong hasty decisions where we would settle for less than we deserve. Taking the fast way out may be easy but usually only leads to regrets and unhappiness.

Not only is it good to be patient with others but we need to learn to be patient in ourselves. This involves us accepting our flaws and being patient as we grow. Along the way you may learn new things or have new experiences that you wouldn’t have encountered if you rushed.

I was often told from young that anything worth doing is worth doing well, so sometimes just being a little bit more patient makes all the difference. As the famous quote goes, “You can’t rush something you want to last forever”.

At Your Own Pace

No doubt all of us want to be successful. However, a lot of us beat ourselves up because we are not where we would like to be and forget to reflect on how far we have come. Recently, I found myself comparing myself to others who appeared to be achieving more than me, even though I had no idea about what struggles they faced to get to where I perceived they are now or what they are still facing. An incident closer to home made me realise that a person’s apparent success may be masked by deep-seated challenges or pain. I have now learnt to stop and count my blessings whenever I feel engulfed by personal problems or feelings of inadequacy. Who knows, someone out there may actually be watching you and praying for what you have!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 – For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.

It is important to remember that we are all running our own race and in due time God will give us everything we need and more. Constantly judging yourself will only lead to low self-esteem. Theodore Roosevelt said that “comparison is the theft of joy”. Measure your success based on the improvements you have alreadymade in your life. Remember to keep a positive view of yourself and a balanced view of your perceived shortcomings.